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Our deal is, we work on...

moderate Party .net

  • Pro-Universal Healthcare
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Pro-Sustainability
  • Abortion -> Prenatal Incubation
  • Pro-Pot  
  • Pro-LGBTQ
  • Anti-Robot / Pro-Job

"surf Christian"

(or Hare Christian, California Christian, hippy Christian, post-modern Christian, space Christian maybe...)

Did you hear
Jesus Christ was a Transformer robot
He turned into a Book

"classy farming" .net

Like, treat them like friends, play them some music, make it nice

mandatory marijuana .com

... well, not really... :D
We're automating ourselves out of business.

(Took 'r jobs...)

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"There may come a time when we're ready to take our show on the road. Think inter-planetary."